Hex - Spring 2013 (photo: Cole)Hex are a Slovenian cross-over electro punk band formed in 2010. The group consists of producer and DJ Davor Lonzarič (aka Dahow), scream vocalist Max Power, rap vocalist Omar Ismail (aka MC Omis) and guitarist Seba Vrbnjak. They draw inspiration from early punk-rock, rap and metal bands like Rage Against The Machine, Public Enemy as well as new electronic music genres, drum’n’bass, dubstep and electro.

Adrenaline is their first single, which is also featured as a video and has been shown on the regional MTV channel. Two years later in 2012, they released their first album called Elektromonster. The name of the album is a synonym for the increasing influence of the media and the control that preys on us everywhere. Its genres include Drum’n’Bass and Breakbeat, Dubstep, Rap and Punk. The idea is clear: to produce an explosion of energy that will turn the crowd around 360 degrees. In addition to the original songs, the album also includes two co-productions. The basis for the song Neverending Void was created by Proteus Noir, the coastal electro industrialist who has already received several awards abroad and has composed remixes for famous names such as Nine Inch Nails and Marilyn Manson. The orchestral elements for the song Last Goodbye were composed by Ackute, a producer from New York. You can still download the album for free here.

Hex attracted attention from several of their performances, especially at Slovenian Music Week. Even though the group was not selected by the scouts of the foreign partner festivals, Hex got to perform as an opening act for Skinred at the opening of this year’s Lent Festival, but their greatest success yet was their recent performance on the main stage of the Warrior’s Dance Festival in Belgrade. The bands that performed together with Hex were The Prodigy, Manu Chao, Skrillex, Caspa, Zane Love and Lollobrigida.

The band’s latest release Fighters For The Sun, which came out on Swedish record label Dansant, includes 3 new songs. One of the songs was made in collaboration with Slovenian DJ and producer CLZ (aka Clinkz). For the main song, a music video was made which can be viewed on YouTube and different TV stations.